Tourniquet Application

Tourniquet Application

From our Trauma Thursday post through instagram @dfw.tds from lessons learned in our Self Defense & Survival Course. This is a continuation from our Stop The Bleed post recently.

Tourniquet Application

One of the options we talked about was a Tourniquet. You have heard me talk about this in my course many times.

This is a tool that can make you look very dumb even though it is very simple if you do not practice with it.

You can put it on wrong, not on tight enough, the tab is facing the wrong way making it harder to cinch down, don’t secure the windless properly, not placed properly above the wound..countless things could happen if not trained with it.

Two main aspects to focus on for really any situation that has a large amount of bleeding.

  1. Place it high and tight on the limb.
  2. Tighten the windless down until you visually see the bleeding stop (they may state if conscious that it feels like their limb is going to break).

If you can remember at least those two points then you stand a better chance of saving the victims life. I go into much more detail in all of my courses as I provide medical knowledge in all of them because it is one of the most important aspects of being prepared.

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