Self Defense & Survival

This is more than just your typical “Self Defense Course”, more than most individuals can offer. There is no substitute for understanding and learning what it actually means to be aware and prepared. To understand how to plan out trips appropriately while using Threat Assessment Practices and P.A.C.E. Emergency Planning. Knowing what a Pre-Assault Indicator is but not just any of them, the main 4 that most humans present subconsciously. You will learn how to keep yourself out of dangerous situations and what to do if you find yourself in one. We will teach you how to manage distance both from afar and up close and personal. To top it off you will learn and witness the effects that proper joint manipulation can play in a close distance entanglement, how simple proper planning can help you escape kidnapping tools, and just how simple blood loss control or Hemorrhage  control really is.
Led by:
– Damon Ortega
– 4 Hours
– Adults: $100
– Minors (13-17): $75

Topics Covered:

  1. Past incidents/statistics
  2. Situational Awareness
  3. Threat Assessment
  4. Pre-Assault Indicators
  5. Methods of de-escalation
  6. P.A.C.E. Planning
  7. Fighter Mindset
  8. The Three B’s (Be prepared, Be Alert, Be able to fight/survive)
  9. Weak points of the human body
  10. Stop the Bleed (Tourniquet Application)
  11. Standing and Ground Escapes
  12. Escapes from common kidnapping tools
Required to bring:
– Comfortable Attire (Mind the Weather)(Everyday wear)
– Socks/Closed Toed Shoes
– Note taking gear
– Open mind/willingness to learn
– Motivation!