Self Defense & Survival Course

Self Defense & Survival Course


In our Self Defense & Survival Course we learn two effective methods of survival from someone attempting to choke you from the front, or against the wall

You see these chokes often when a larger aggressor wants to surprise attack or show superiority to the victim. You also see this commonly in male V. female domestic violence cases.

Both of these methods are extremely effective in getting the attacker off of you and creating distance. If you have distance you have time. If you have time, you have a chance.

Everything I teach has been pressure tested in the civilian sector and in the military. I refuse to teach something I don’t believe to work in a life or death situation.

I personally am willing to show in full force (As Seen In the Picture) the effect of training lessons. This not only provides me another opportunity to practice what I preach, but provides you with the opportunity to visualize the teachings in action. #iwontbeavictim

If you are interested in learning more about this click the link below and you will find a more detailed page of what you will be getting by taking our Self Defense & Survival Course.