Self Defense & Survival Course

Self Defense & Survival Course


A protector is someone who takes time out of their day to better their skills towards being prepared for situations life can throw at you.

A protector is someone who is situationally aware, understands threat assessment, and pre-assault indicators.

A protector understands the fighter mindset and works their best and creating that mindset for themselves and their family.

In our Self Defense & Survival Course you will learn what it means to be prepared. You will learn ways to keep yourself and your family out of bad situations to begin with. You will learn how to get out of bad situations should you end up in one.

To come learn how to become a better protector click the link below and read about our course and our instructor. Our next course is Aug 27th from 1-5pm at North Dallas Crossfit. Hurry and sign up if you want to attend.