Pressure Bandage Application

Pressure Bandage Application

Trauma Thursday Continued: Pressure Bandage Application

Last week we talked about the Tourniquet and how it is used. This week we are going to talk a little bit about Pressure Bandage Application.

The main objective or indication of using a pressure dressing is to stop hemmorage without cutting off circulation. If after applied the victim starts to lose circulation, then that is an indication it needs to be loosened.

How do you know you need a pressure bandage instead of a tourniquet?

Well, If for example a victim has been sliced open during an encounter with a knife. You notice a decent amount of blood but the wound is oozing, not spurting blood (indication of lacerated artery). You apply pressure to the wound to stop bleeding and after a few min bleeding seems to have slowed or stopped. This is a good indication that a pressure dressing would be the right call opposed to a TQ.

A TQ is still not a bad option if unsure a pressure dressing would suffice. Knowing when and how to use a pressure dressing is just one option to keep in your preparedness toolbag.