Personal/Group Private Training


Option 1: $100/hr per (Not Including Range Fee)

Option 2: Price of Course or $100/hr per

I understand that group courses or settings are not for everyone. Not everyone learns the same and some are better learners in a more private setting whether that be one on one or their private group.

There are a couple options you can choose from when it comes to private training.

Option 1: One on One/Small Group (4 or less) private training affords you the opportunity to get an individualized bit of training in. We will discuss what it is that you are wanting to work on or train. From there we will come up with an individualized plan for you or your group. This is strictly private individualized training, we do not put on one of our courses with this option. 

Option 2: Small Group (5 or more) private training very similar to our option 1. You can still get individualized training for what your small group wants to work on per hour. What this option gives you is the opportunity to put on one of our courses to your group. Example: Your group of 7 individuals wants to have a private Self Defense & Survival Course.