Online LTC/CHL Course In San Antonio Texas

Online Constitutional Carry Course Arlington Texas

The Online LTC/CHL Course In San Antonio Texas is available to anyone that is legally able to own a firearm. Students can take the online course at their own pace. Being able to take all the powerpoint work and do it on your own time is a big deal to a lot of people as they like having their weekends with family! Take our Online LTC/CHL Course In San Antonio Texas from the comfort of your home for ONLY 50$! Everything is self paced from start to finish. Students can stop, log out, log back in and pick up where you left off! This is the most popular and easy way to take the Online LTC/CHL Course In San Antonio Texas.

What are some benefits of having a Texas LTC?

  • Basic Handgun use and safety instruction
  • Knowledge of carry laws
  • Reciprocity with 37 other states
  • Campus Carry
  • School Zone Carry
  • Protection for school district employees
  • Easier interaction with Law Enforcement
  • Bypass firearms background Checks
  • Protection from “no gun” signs
  • Trespass Protection
  • 18+ y/o military members are eligable
  • Legal protection a LTC provides
  • Legal form of ID
  • Fewer restrictions
  • Peace of Mind

What about range instruction?

Don’t worry!! As soon as you finish the class portion online you will be guided to easily be able to locate and schedule with a local LTC instructor in your area from our database. From there you will shoot with whoever you schedule with and your finished!!