Online License To Carry Class In Houston Texas

Online LTC Refresher Course In Dallas Texas

The Online License To Carry Class In Houston Texas is easy! This is the official online Texas LTC class certified by the Texas Department of Public Safety. We make it easy to carry. Our online class is simple, and we break everything down so it’s easy to understand. We make it easy to find a LTC instructor near you to schedule your shooting portion. You can take our license to carry class from the comfort of your your own home or anywhere else for that matter, 24/7 at your own pace and on your own schedule. No more classroom! Our online class is available to everyone in Texas. Our Online License to Carry Class In Houston Texas is certified Statewide. As soon as you complete our online course you will be able to instantly download your official certificate of training that’s required to apply for your Texas license to carry. You will also learn how to apply for your license in this online class.

Who Can Take This Class?

Anyone in the state can take our official Online License to Carry Class In Houston Texas. It does not matter what city you are in! This LTC class is certified and approved by Texas DPS Statewide. Once the class has been completed, your certificate of completion, LTC-101 will be immediately available to download. You can take our online class on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone! Administered through videos that are broken into 15-20 minute segments, you can take the online LTC class at your own pace from anywhere in Texas. Progress is saved at the completion of each video, allowing you to take the online LTC class as fast or slow as you want. Watch for 15 minutes and come back to continue another day, or watch all 4 hours. Developed to be taken from your computer, smartphone or tablet, you have the most flexibility when choosing when and how to take the class.