Does owning a gun change your behavior?

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We are here to discuss the question of Does owning a gun change your behavior? If you are considering taking the steps necessary to legally own a gun in Texas or you’ve recently become a new gun owner, you may have some questions. One is probably, will I act different with a gun. That being said owning a gun could affect your behavior in certain ways.

Understanding the “Weapons Effect”

Dating to the 1960’s there is a theory suggesting firearms make people take more aggressive actions. There is also some research suggesting guns stimulate the areas of the brain associated with danger and aggression. This DOE’S NOT mean all gun owners are naturally more aggressive or makes someone normally calm and reasonable act more aggressively.

Gaining a Confidence Boost

It is not unusual for responsible gun owners to feel more confident and secure owning a gun. This has the potential to contribute to:

  • A natural reduction in fear
  • Less reluctance to fully enjoy social situations
  • A better overall state of mind
  • An ability to keep fears or safety concerns in check
  • Less stress and anxiety

Paying More Attention to Personal Safety

There has been reports stating that women who don’t carry worry less about their personal safety as women who do carry.

Increasing Alertness

In 2016 an NPR reporter went to the Texas Firearms Festival and interviewed attendees. Many of them stated that owning a gun can be considered a positive behavior change and that it’s a way to avoid unintentionally winding up in potential dangerous situations.

Having an increased willingness to take action when necessary

There is evidence suggesting gun ownership could change behavior in a way that may save lives, or at the the very least, mitigate dangerous situations and keep things from escalating.

Maintaining balance with how you behave as a gun owner

If you behavior changes while owning a gun will ultimately depend on factors such as why you decided to obtain a gun. While yes som gun owners become more aggressive or take actions that aren’t responsible, this is not typical among responsible gun owners. Aim to maintain a balance as a gun owner by focusing the positive. The MOST IMPORTANT part of being a gun owner is knowing how to safely hander and operate your firearm. Our Online LTC Course is here to help with that. Click the link below to find out more!