Defensive Pistol I


If you are Active duty military, Veteran, Teacher, or First Responder, do not fill out the sign up form! Contact us to sign up and have the 20% discount applied!!!

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Our New Pistol Shooter Fundamentals Course or equal training is a requirement. This program was designed to help you build efficiency to effectively and safely utilize a pistol from concealment. We will build the confidence you need in yourself, and your handgun by working the fundamentals of the firearm. While implementing the skills learned we will work into movement and shooting effectively. We will work together as a team to navigate all of the practical drills and stages involved based on the range and class participant capabilities. This will be a fast paced, and informative course while also being a good time with good people. Class size is limited to 6 legal firearm owners to make sure that you get a more personalized training experience. Firearm safety and knowledge on the use of your firearm is a REQUIREMENT for this course.


TRAINING LOCATION: Big Boar Tactical, FM 902 Collinsville, TX

INSTRUCTOR: Damon Ortega


  • Draw Stroke
  • Reloads
  • Defensive Shooting
  • Movement & Shooting
  • Medical Training


  • 180 Rounds Minimum
  • Pants/Shorts with quality belt that will hold a holster. *5.11 style tactical pants/shorts preferred.
  • Shirt *Able to conceal firearm
  • Range Shoes *No open toed shoes
  • Safety Glasses/Hearing protection
  • Pistol *Semi-Auto Pistol Only
  • Inside Waist Band/Outside Waist Band holsters only *No leather holsters, shoulder holsters or cross draw.
  • 2-3 Magazines and a way to retain them.
  • CAT Tourniquet
  • Water/Sunscreen/Bug Spray/Food/Snacks


Defensive Pistol I