Bravery VS Courage

Bravery VS Courage

Bravery VS Courage, what is the difference?

Courage goes beyond Bravery. I’ve walked among many brave men. To rise up while facing fear. The science behind bravery is that the conscious mind shuts down, which allows for our survival instincts to kick in.

You see, courage goes beyond this. It is to treat the comfort of mindset and survival. Courage comes from deliberately choosing the hardest path. It is to believe in yourself when nobody else does. It is to walk your truth even if that means walking it alone.

To see what needs to be done and do nothing is a lack of courage.

Bravery is a quick reactive response to danger. To rise up in times of fear.

Courage is the ability to move forward each day knowing we may fail along the way. Courage, is never giving up on yourself #iwontbeavictim.

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